Decoded Funding: Non-Profit Information Websites

Pasting up a few Google ads to pay the bills is a thing of the past for websites all over the Internet.

Now, it’s all about sponsored posts, ‘advertorial’ content, popup ads, hovering banner ads that cover what you’re trying to read, auto-play video ads, and the ever-present jiggling belly-fat ads – those are just a few of the awful options that site owners have if they want to pay for servers, maintenance, upgrades, editors, managers, accountants, writer fees, and so on.

Not only are these revenue models annoying for readers, they require websites to cater to the advertiser, producing content that will get great ads – not necessarily what people want to read.

This leaves many websites with little option other than churning out loads of ‘content’ – and hoping that their readers will click on enough ads to keep the lights on.

That’s not an option for Decoded – we’re dedicated to providing quality information that’s not available anywhere else – and churn doesn’t fit into our philosophy.

Decoded Adapts to Meet Future Change

A few dedicated scientists founded Decoded Science in 2011, to provide an alternative to rampant misinformation on the Internet, and we’ve depended on ads for revenue since those early days. Now, however, as Decoded Everything grows, and ads Internet-wide become more intrusive, we feel that the current model isn’t working for our readers.

We don’t want to fall into the “Need More Money? Just Put Up A Few More Ads!” trap.

So, we are aiming to turn our backs on the hyper-advertised webpage model, in favor of a more personalized approach.

Instead of hoping you’ll click on an ad, we’re going to be asking you to directly help support our network of Decoded sites. It’s a different model – and one that comes with risk – but we believe in the integrity of our work, and in our readers. Decoded received its certification as a non-profit corporation in Texas in May, 2014, and official IRS blessing as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the same month. That means donations are not only helping to raise the collective IQ of the Internet, they’re also tax-deductible.

What Do We Offer?

At Decoded Everything, we love bringing information on a variety of topics to our readers – with a twist. Not only do we offer coverage of the latest research and advancements, but also background information and explanations, as well as exclusive interviews – our readers get it all from the keyboards of experts in their field.

We’re here to share our expertise with you – and we’d love to continue to expand.

We’ve got big plans for expansion – Upcoming Decoded sites include:

Decoded Travel: Get tips and tricks from travel and tourism experts. How can you get that upgrade to first class? What can you do if your hotel room isn’t as clean as it should be? How soon should you book your trip, to avoid higher costs? Learn everything you ever wanted to know about travel from ticket agents, tour guides, and other travel and tourism experts.

Decoded Politics: There’s so much noise in the political scene, from pundits, bloggers and more. How can you learn what’s really going on? Political scientists, ex-politicians, campaign workers and other experts on the topic of politics will be available to answer all your questions, from the midterm elections in the U.S. onward and around the globe.

Decoded Food: From easy ways to decorate a cake to why it’s so hard to get the shell off a hardboiled egg and when to get the best deals on hard-to-find delicacies, get the scoop on everything ‘Food’ from our expert caterers, chefs, and more.

Officially 501(c)(3)

The IRS recognizes Decoded Everything as a charitable institution – we’re now officially 501(c)(3) and your donation is tax-deductible!

All of us at Decoded Everything are grateful for your support – past, present, and future!

Your donations are tax deductible, so go ahead – share a few dollars and help us move forward on our journey – and get a write-off at the same time. 


Victoria & the Decoded Everything team

  • We're dedicated to decoding everything - one site at a time.
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  • If you're a history buff, and fascinated with Pompeii, wouldn't you love to hear about it from an archeologist who has walked the streets at Decoded Past? Interested in ancient runes or burial customs? An anthropologist can give you insights you'll never get anywhere else.
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  • If you're a gardener, and want to learn more about hardiness zone maps, who better to ask than a geographer, on Decoded Plants? Interested in touring a botanical garden? A Master Gardener can tell you what to look for, and what makes it special.
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